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Body like a Mountain, Heart like an Ocean, Mind like the Sky ...

On Tue, 1 July, 2014 - 13:11
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Body like a mountain, Heart like an ocean, Mind like the sky ………

I’ve been listening to a led meditation whilst driving this week. It’s a CD created by Vidyamala; one of our talented UK based order members who has done excellent work with a mindfulness based approach to pain management. She and her partner run a successful livelihood called ‘Breathworks’ that offers training in this field to people all over the world.

She used the phrase I’ve titled this blog with ‘Body like a mountain, Heart like an ocean, Mind like the sky’ - this is a clear and evocative way to think of how we might approach and set ourselves up in meditation …..

I also received an inspiring link from Cath which I’ve shared with you below:

Absolutely worth a look and please note the encouragement included in this article to check out the local Buddhist Centre in your area …. Ummmm well for you that could be ‘The Coogee Meditation Group’ !!

Hope to see you Thursday night. Padmadakini will be leading us in the Metta Bhavana practice

Coogee Croquet Club 7 – 8.30 PM

Also don’t forget we have a meditation every Sunday from 8 – 9 am

With metta

Dharmalata and Padmadakini

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