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Introducing the Afrikan Wisdom Summit: Curated and co-produced by Dharmacharani Vimalasara

On Thu, 24 March, 2022 - 11:17
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April 5-11 | ONLINE | Free 7-day summit

I have curated and co-produced this inspiring Afrikan Wisdom Summit, with speakers from the UK, USA, Canada, Caribbean.

Topics include spiritual traditions, the arts, liberation, wisdom of the body and raising our next black generation, and ancestors. Topics that all speakers say involve the whole of humanity. It’s free, and you can upgrade to keep the talks and teaching tools. 

To find out more visit the Afrikan Wisdom Summit website

Not only did the dawn of human life as we know it arise in Afrika, the continent is the home of great civilizations and cultures and also much traditional and modern wisdom, not to mention freedom struggles that have changed our world.

I am very glad to see the advent of this Summit, inspired by the work of my friend and colleague Vimalasara Mason-John, and bringing together an inspiring roster of teachers, truth-speakers, and guides.

Gabor Maté M.D.
Author, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture

Who can Benefit from the Summit?

  • People of all races and backgrounds who would like to live with more happiness, joy, inspiration, healing, pride, connection, and love for humanity
  • Anyone who is new to Afrikan wisdom
  • Anyone who would like to deepen their existing knowledge and appreciation for the wisdom of Afrika
  • Anyone who would like to connect more deeply with their Afrikan heritage
  • Anyone searching for a better understanding of the history and experiences of people of Afrikan descent

Here’s Some of What You’ll Experience…

  • Discover rich wisdom from Afrika to feed your mind, your heart and your soul
  • Learn how to communicate love, hope and gratitude through the vibrant practices of Afrikan artists
  • Explore ways we can all draw strength from our ancestors
  • Learn about the importance of healing trauma, including inter-generational trauma
  • Discover the influence of Afrikan culture on religious and spiritual traditions
  • Come to a deeper understanding of the origins and goals of Black liberation movements, including Black Lives Matter
  • Learn how generations of powerful Afrikan wisdom can be a source of strength for all people

Why the K in Afrika?

While British and Portuguese colonialists spelled Afrika with a C, in Swahili and other indigenous Afrikan languages it has always been spelled with a K. In the spirit of bringing you authentic Afrikan wisdom, we are spelling it with a K.


To register for free to this event or simply find out more visit the Afrikan Wisdom Summit website

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