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Sangha As An Insight Practice

On Fri, 16 September, 2011 - 01:00
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Jvalamalini uses the system of meditation to explore how Sangha can be a practice leading to Insight.

Please note: the last few minutes of this talk are missing. The complete quote used towards the end of the talk is:

"…there is something about the movement, the Order and even about me that is not easily definable. There is a touch of something that cannot be buttoned down, something that cannot in the end be defined. Even the desire to button it down or define it is a mistake – that was the mistake that the Theravada made in connection with its Vinaya. Everyone will need to take care of that rather mysterious, indefinable spirit that gives the movement life and energy."

(Sangharakshita “What is the Western Buddhist Order?” 2009)

And Jvalamalini's closing remarks were:

"If we all take care of that mysterious, indefinable spirit, we'll be a true Sangha. Insight will arise, the Bodhicitta will arise to the extent each of us, in relationship with each other, knows himself and gathers his energies, dwells in love and faith, lets go of unhelpful views, and opens to the indefinable mystery of Sangha."
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