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Day 2: Pathways to a Beautiful Mind

On Mon, 29 April, 2019 - 12:40
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In this second full day of our rains retreat on the Satipatthana Vajradevi explored the faculties of wisdom (prajna or panna)  and energy (viriya) in relation to mindfulness.  In the morning about 40 of us took part in a (very mindful!) led walking meditation round the shrineroom. 

During the day there were also opportunities to do the ‘sofa practice’! This a Bristol invention…  a term Khemajoti coined on one of our early Rains retreats 5-6 years ago when Lisa, a beloved Mitra in her 80s (who’s since died), had come one afternoon and was busily looking for jobs to do. Khemajoti was encouraging her to ‘just sit’, describing it as ‘sofa practice’  - which she did (not without protest). The term stuck and ever since we’ve spoken of ‘sofa practice’ as an aspect of what we do.

In the evening we celebrated the Buddha Shakyamuni with a classic seven-fold puja led by Khemajoti, including a reading from the Satipatthana Sutta.  (Once again we forgot to turn on the voice recorder until the first mantra, so the ‘Worship’ section is missing.)

Listen to the audio recordings on Soundcloud:

Wisdom As a Spiritual Faculty In Relation to Mindfulness

Short Led Meditation/reflection On Ways Into the Wisdom Perspective of Mindfulness

The Spiritual Faculty of Viriya/Energy and Mindfulness

Sevenfold Puja Dedicated to Shakyamuni

Listen to the whole series on Free Buddhist Audio

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