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Adhisthana in WWF Wildflower Meadows Feature

On Sat, 20 May, 2023 - 17:43
Khemabandhu's picture

I just wanted to share with you this video produced by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) on Wildflower Meadows. A lot of the footage from this video was shot at Adhisthana. The sections about bees, sheep and others. There’s also an interview with our very own Buddhist ‘monk’, Sanghadeva.

Kath is the lady who has grazed her sheep on our land since 2020 (they’ve just arrived again this week). Rory has helped us recently establish a wildflower meadow in our top field.

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abhayadevi's picture

Thanks for sharing this. The meadow is beautiful!

khemajoti's picture

Really great to watch this :-)

Sadhu Sanghadeva and Adhisthanans :-)

Windhorse Publications's picture

Such a beautiful meadow and well done Adhisthana!