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Writing a Will Part 1: Where to Start?

On Tue, 18 October, 2016 - 09:33
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I download the Will Planner on our website, print it off, and rummage around in drawers for a pen that works. First up – figuring out what I have to give. Flat, meagre savings, car, my grandmother’s jewellery and my pension – seems fairly straightforward. Other things to consider are stocks and shares, insurance and any valuable items.
Then comes the less pleasant part - figuring out what I owe. Thankfully I realise I don’t owe much. With some research I find that my student loan (plus interest) will be cancelled if I die before paying it off. That leaves only the outstanding mortgage on my home. If you have any loans or overdrafts, this too should be taken into account. 
I now feel a bit lighter for having taken stock of what I own and what I owe. Time for another cuppa. 

- Sara

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