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What makes Buddhist Action Month Buddhist?

On Wed, 6 May, 2015 - 12:41
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BAM is an opportunity for Buddhists to take any actions they wish for the benefit of others, whether environmental or anything else.

We’ve already looked at the history of Buddhist Action Month. 

Now we need to start looking at what actually makes Buddhist Action Month Buddhist! How can we offer a distinctively Buddhist contribution?

As you’ll have noticed already, in Triratna we have three BAM themes this year:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Awakening money
  • Caring for others

We’ll be posting more information and suggested actions over the next few weeks.

For now, two things you can do next:

  1. Go to Free Buddhist Audio for a host of inspiring talks on Compassion.
  2. +Follow our Compassion in Action space for more general information about Buddhist social action all the year round. (See tab below header picture.)
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