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Buddhist Action Month: a very short history

On Sat, 18 April, 2015 - 00:21
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Buddhist Action Month (BAM) is a month-long festival of Buddhist social action in June every year.

It began in Britain as a single day (BAD!) in 2012, an initiative of the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK (NBO), as part of a government-sponsored multi-faith project in which each faith community adopted a time of year for socially beneficial activities inspired by their faith. The NBO encouraged British Buddhists of all traditions to run events with an environmental theme. In 2013 the NBO decided to commit itself to a whole month, and thus BAM was born.

In 2014 the European Buddhist Union (of which Triratna and the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK are members) agreed to promote BAM across Europe.

Buddhism generally has a very positive image in the UK, as a peaceful, meditative lifestyle. However, most people (including many Buddhists) are completely unaware of the range of work and volunteering done by British Buddhists for the benefit of others.

For 2015 the NBO’s suggested focus continues to be the environment, but the month is intended to stir up and celebrate Buddhist social action in general. Thus, in Triratna, we’ve suggested three themes:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Awakening money
  • Caring for others

Buddhist Action Month: Britain; Europe; the world!

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