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Dharmic reasons to take part in BAM: No 4

On Fri, 22 May, 2015 - 00:17
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Skilful intentions lead to skilful actions

The primary suggestion in the list of suggested actions for BAM is that we, following British Quakers’ Minute 36, commit to becoming a “sustainable, low-carbon community”.

This is an intention rather than a prescription; the start of a journey of exploration rather than a list of rules. The suggestion is that we collectively embark upon a journey, essentially one of ever-increasing awareness, in the faith that over time, specific skilful actions based on this awareness will become obvious and even necessary.

Find out about Triratna’s Sustainable Centres Scheme.

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I very much like this ! I’ve been working alongside  the Quakers ie they’ve been helping us in Brighton :  ) for some time .

I would very much like to see Triratna offering this kinds of inspiration to people .

We just need to keep raising awareness , and B.A.M is this fantastic way of raising awareness in our centres .

Ethics is a practice . Its ongoing , we dont start out perfect and theres no shame in not being where we ‘d like to be , but we need to begin !

Love to All x x x Sahajatara