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BAM! at Sheffield Buddhist Centre

On Thu, 21 May, 2015 - 09:57
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The Sheffield Buddhist Centre has been building up towards BAM for the last month and a bit. In addition to the ongoing sangha night theme, “Transforming Self and the World”, sangha members have been invited on a Bluebell Yatra (mindfulness in Nature) and a half-day litter-picking event at a local park (“Love Where You Live”).

BAM will officially launch on May 31st with a day retreat titled, “Stillness, Simplicity and Contentment”. Together in sangha, we’ll motivate our potential to tread more lightly on the Earth; to practice the third precept with joy; to delight in trying new approaches. “What would the Buddha do?” will be explored through inspiring stories from the scriptures. The day of conversation, meditation, a shared vegan banquet, and reflection will close with an intention ritual.

The Karaniya Metta Kula, the Centre’s sustainability and ecology group, hopes to have everything in place to present the Sustainable Buddhist Centre certificate this month. A dedication ceremony is planned. The measures taken towards this - e.g., promoting veganism, becoming a Fair Trade Centre of Worship - will be presented on the month-long “BAM display” table, along with other information (e.g., why vegan is more ethical than vegetarian). 

A flash mob meditation is scheduled for June 1st in Sheffield City Centre. 

On June 13th, film night will show “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds”. 

The sangha night theme will continue with its theme, including a talk by Maitridasa on “Simplicity and contentment versus the craving industry”.

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