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Fifty Years, Fifty Voices: Jyotipala (Highlights)

On Fri, 26 August, 2022 - 08:54
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I must say, a couple of years before that, I’d actually – in one of my sober moments – not alcoholically, but… emotionally. I’d realised what an idiot I’d been in resigning.

Jyotipala’s Annals

In 1968 I was married and living in Brighton, working as a house painter.

In 1978 I left my wife, got ordained, and moved into the Aryatara community in Purley (not in that order).

In 1988 I was in India as an Anagarika [in robes], where I had been since 1981. I spent most of my time based in Aurangabad, except for a 6 month spell, and a one year spell at the Chinese Temple in Sravasti by myself (which was crazy).

In 1998 I had disrobed, moved away from the movement and was living with my future second wife as wardens of the Quaker meeting house in Waterford, Ireland.

In 2008 I had resigned from the Order in 2002, got married again, but was later rejected by my wife, and took refuge in Throssel Hole Zen monastery. From there, after 6 months, I moved to Haltwhistle to live alone, while continuing to practice with the Throssel Sangha, both at the monastery and with a lay group in Hexham.

In 2018 I was living in Newcastle, helping at the centre having been re-ordained by that inexhaustible source of wisdom and friendliness Padmavajra in 2017.

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