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The Unshakeable: Sub35 retreat for men at Padmaloka

On Fri, 10 March, 2017 - 14:26
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‘Akshobya means immovable, what does not shake, what does not tremble.
He represents the openness, the non-centrality of the Enlightenment experience: its toughness and solidness, its indestructibility, its firmness, its strength, its immovability, its unshakeability.’


21st - 28th April

A 7-day retreat exploring the unshakeable archetypal Buddha Akshobya, through ritual, talks, discussion, meditation and friendship.
Led by a team of young Order members and open to all men aged 18 - 35.

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This event will be followed on the 29th by a Sub 35s day retreat entitled The Great Victory, which is open to everyone aged 18 - 35.

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