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On Tue, 23 September, 2014 - 14:41
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16-18 January: Young Order Members Retreat at Adhisthana
21-22 Febuary Transforming Work: Exploring Right Livelihood at Cambridge Buddhist Centre
9-16 March: Young Mens’ Retreat at Padmaloka
27-29 March: youngtriratna [at] (subject: Young%20Facilitators%20Gathering) (Young Facilitators’ Gathering) at Adhisthana
16-19 April: Young Buddhists Retreat at Metta Vihara in the Netherlands
1-4 May: Young Womens’ Weekend at Taraloka
24-26 July: German Young Buddhists Retreat at Vimaladhatu
4-7 September: Long Weekend for Young Women who have asked for Ordination at Tiratanaloka
16-18 Oct: The Big One - the 8th Annual Triratna Young Buddhists Retreat at Adhisthana
11-13 December: Young Mens’ Retreat at Padmaloka

For more information and booking about these retreats please click on the links provided.
Any problems or other queries email youngtriratna [at]
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