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Power of Community - Ecodharma

On Thu, 3 November, 2016 - 14:00
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Alex Swain from Ecodharma writes about an exciting new year-long program at the centre in Spain:

The program will run from April 2017 to March 2018 for four volunteers who will each take on a key area of responsibility within the team here and live and work as part of the community.

It will be an opportunity for people to work in a team-based right livelihood for a year and gain experience of intensive community living with other committed Dharma practitioners. There will be a systematic study program running throughout, likely mostly led by Saraha, but inviting others in to offer sessions as well.

We are including in the ‘package’ three Ecodharma courses (likely the Engaged Buddhist Training, Transformative Collaboration, and a Nature-based meditation retreat) and the program will culminate with participation in our month-long silent meditation retreat in February.

They will also, of course, be living in sensationally beautiful wild mountains with plenty of opportunity to explore, absorb and adventure. (Opportunity for cave dwelling is an optional extra :) ).

There will be competition for these places (we already have some applications) so people should make haste, if they are interested.

For more information contact alex [at]

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