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Norwich Young Buddhists Big Montly Meet - March 6th

On Mon, 22 February, 2016 - 15:52
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Aged 16-35? Interested in Buddhism and meditation? All welcome. No previous experience necessary. Bring your friends. You don’t need to be a Buddhist to come along, and we won’t try to make you one!

Our theme for the comings months is the Mandala of the 5 Buddhas (see below for details).

Ratnasambhava, the ‘Jewel-Born’

Through meditation, talks and discussion, we will explore the symbolism of Ratnasambhava, the Jewel-Born yellow Buddha of the South. He is associated with generosity, abundance, art, beauty and culture; and helps transform egotistical pride into the Wisdom of Equality. His animal is the horse, itself a symbol of power, grace and freedom. And in his palm he holds the wish-fulfilling jewel. Find out more on Sunday 6th March!

Led by Claire and Martin

And of course, after the meeting we’ll go to the Playhouse for a social.

No charge. Donations welcome.

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So what is the Mandala of the 5 Buddhas?

The central and most important image we have in Buddhism is that of the historic Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, who, 2500 years ago discovered the freedom of enlightenment, and then spent the rest of his life sharing and teaching the path to this freedom to anyone who was interested, leading to many more enlightened practitioners.

Throughout the history of Buddhism, englightenment has been expressed and re-expressed in different ways and in different cultures. One of these ways of looking at englightenment is through the Mandala of the 5 Buddhas. These 5 Buddhas were not actual historic figures, but rather powerful symbols emphasising the various aspects of Enlightenment. You could think of them as enlightened superheroes! Each with their own powers, emphases and wisdom.

Akshobya, the imperturbable – the blue Buddha of the east. Traditionally we enter the mandala from the east, which is why he is at the bottom of the image (please do suspend the logical mind, we are now in the magical realm of myth and symbol!). His wisdom is the mirror-like wisdom, and he transforms hatred.

Ratnasambhava, the jewel-born – the yellow Buddha of the south, representing abundance and generosity, and helping transform self-obsessed pride.

Amithaba, infinite light– the red Buddha of the west, representing the mysteries and depths of meditation. He transforms greed and craving into unconditional love.

Amogasiddhi, unobstructed success – the green Buddha of the south, transforms fear and envy into courage, confidence and fearlessness.

Varocana, the illuminator – the mysterious white Buddha at the centre of the mandala, who transforms ignorance into transcendental wisdom, the wisdom beyond words.

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