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Big One 2017: Go forth, Go beyond! and autumn events 2017

On Fri, 1 September, 2017 - 08:47
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Big One 2017: Go forth, Go beyond! 27-29th October Adhisthana

This is the young Buddhists retreat of the year: the largest gathering of young Buddhists from across Europe and beyond. Suitable for people of all levels of experience and none - a friendly and inspiring way to connect with other young people who are practising the Buddhist life. Come along and bring your friends!

Book at

More for 2017

Young Women’s Weekend
For women who’ve asked for ordination
8-11th Sept,

Young Men’s Weekend
Open to all men under 35
The Buried Treasure 17-9th Nov,

Men’s Dharma Life Course
An intensive five-month immersion into the Dharma life
Deadline for applications: 15th September 2017
Contact Saccanama at collegeassistant [at]

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Hello I might be being foolish but I can’t see where the event is being held?
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Hi - apologies, the Big One is being held at Adhisthana, in Coddington, Herefordshire HR8 1JL. Travel info is here:

Does that help?

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Yes, thanks very much.