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On Mon, 10 December, 2018 - 11:52
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Did you know we offer What is the Dharma? The Essential Teachings of the Buddha by Sangharakshita as a free eBook? Simply add it to your cart and check out. Our eBooks are compatible with popular eReaders – find out more about our formats here.

What is the Dharma?

To walk in the footsteps of the Buddha we need a clear and thorough guide to the essential principles of Buddhism. Whether we have just begun our journey or are a practitioner with more experience, What is the Dharma? is an indispensable exploration of the Buddha’s teachings as found in the main Buddhist traditions. Constantly returning to the question ‘How can this help me?’, Sangharakshita examines a variety of fundamental principles, including karma and rebirth, nirvana and shunyata, conditioned co-production, impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, insubstantiality, ethics, meditation and wisdom.

What is the Dharma? has been reprinted as part of The Complete Works of Sangharakshita, along with What is the Sangha? and Who is the Buddha?, in volume 3: The Three Jewels II.

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