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This weeks eBook give away

On Mon, 27 April, 2020 - 14:22
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This week we’re giving away The Buddha on Wall Street by Vaddhaka in our Free the Dharma Campaign. You can download it here until the 11th of May. 

The lockdown is having a huge impact on economies at all levels – households, businesses, countries. The future is uncertain. While it has does economic damage, it also relieves the pressures on the environment, and perhaps to some of us too.  

There is no better guide to thinking through what Buddhism can offer to our common and economic life than this little book.  Not only does Vaddhaka analyse the ways in which the current economy institutionalises greed and restlessness, he also shows how the core values of generosity and altruism can enrich our collective life.

How does working on the mind relate to economics? Vaddhaka makes the case that our common cultures of money can cultivate greed and competition, or they can cultivate the dimensions of human nature that reduce suffering and cultivate happiness, connectedness and trust. I hope you find it a fruitful read. 

A reminder that our April Stay at Home sale ends at midnight on Thursday. Until then you can still get 33% off The Art of Reflection, Satipatthana, This Being, That Becomes, the Dhammapada or Free Time. Find out more here. We are offering free postage on all books (excluding Subscriptions).  

Wishing you kindness and connection.

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