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Another free eBook and three more news bites

On Mon, 16 November, 2020 - 17:30
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This week we have four news bites to share.

Our latest free eBook: Female Deities in Buddhism

This week we’re offering another free eBook: Female Deities in Buddhism by Vessantara. Female deities in Buddhism take many forms: queens and old crones, Buddhas and goddesses, mothers and wild women. Enter the magical realm of gently compassionate Kuan Yin from China, meet the elusive golden goddess from India representing Perfect Wisdom, and tangle with the energetic embodiments of freedom, the fearless sky-dancing dakinis of Tibet. Vessantara invites us to learn more about ourselves as women and men by reflecting on these figures. For within us lie the seeds of love, wisdom and freedom that these figures symbolise in their fullness, qualities we can nurture through contemplating the beauty of these enlightened beings.

Download your free copy of Female Deities in Buddhism.

You can buy the paperback here.

Coming soon: Vajradevi’s Uncontrived Mindfulness

Speaking of great women teachers, we can now confirm that in March next year we’ll release the first book by Vajradevi: Uncontrived Mindfulness. In this comprehensive guide to ending suffering through the practice of mindfulness, Vajradevi guides us in exploring our experience as it happens. The emphasis is on cultivating wisdom and using the tools of attention and curiosity to see through the delusion that is causing our suffering.

“Vajradevi has the ability to translate the Buddha’s classical teachings on mindfulness and wisdom into clear and practical instructions for both formal meditation and daily life.”

– Carol Wilson, Guiding Teacher of IMS

“An extraordinarily hands-on and helpful book, for new and experienced meditators alike.” 

Tejananda John Wakeman, Chair, Vajraloka meditation retreat centre, North Wales

If you’re interested in Uncontrived Mindfulness, please consider sponsoring it. For a minimum donation of £40, we’ll send you the print edition (free shipping worldwide) and a coupon code that lets you download the eBook edition free of charge as soon as the book is published. 

Sponsor Uncontrived Mindfulness.

You can hear more from Vajradevi or book a retreat with her on her blog. 

Available now: Paperback edition of The Bodhicaryāvatāra

You may have noticed that the hardback edition of The Bodhicaryāvatāra has been unavailable for a while. Sadly, it’s now out of print, but to replace it we’ve just started stocking a paperback edition of the same translation (by Kate Crosby and Andrew Skilton). 

Buy the paperback edition of The Bodhicaryāvatāra for £9.99. 

Our new eGift Voucher

If you’d like to buy gifts for friends and relatives, we’ve just launched a new eGift Voucher. It’s a virtual voucher, sent to your chosen recipient via email. It’s valid for twelve months and can be redeemed for any books, eBooks or CDs on our website.

Give the gift of the Dharma with a Windhorse Publications eGift Voucher.

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