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Work-Place Politics and Creativity

On Fri, 21 October, 2011 - 00:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
Saddharaja gives a fourth talk in his new series on Right Livelihood Practice, this time focusing on the challenging theme of work-place politics. How do we work creatively with it?

After an overview of the dramatic Tudor dynasty of the English middle ages, he identifies the unpleasant components of work place politics, namely; rivalry, power-play and status, gossip and sexual scandal, and manipulation. He contrasts this with the Buddhist Right Livelihood aims, which are the opposite. Love Mode rather than Power Mode.

Saddharaja reminds us of the six realms of existence on the Tibetan Wheel of Life, and how these realms relate to work place politics. He reminds us of what the Buddha is offering in these realms - and how this can work for us.

Finally, he suggests three further creative practices for transforming work place politics, and finishes with a poem from William Blake.
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