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Evolution's Communications Manager puts his money where his mouth is!

On Wed, 3 December, 2014 - 11:57
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Yesterday for Giving Tuesday my wife Mel and myself visited the Sheffield Evolution Store to try and do as much of our Christmas present shopping there as possible.

My wife has already spent about £20 in the last month or so and we managed to do another £60 of Christmas gifts shopping on this trip.

I really wanted to put my money where my mouth was as I have written recently in the windhorse magazine and in articles during the 100 Days of Ethical Giving Campaign #EthicalChristmas of how we can all support Evolution, as well as other Ethical retailers. Whether it’s by spreading the word of what Evolution does and sells, sharing social media posts and tweets, or deciding to do some of our shopping with Evolution, as a buddhist community we can all make our contribution.

I remember writing in the Windhorse magazine back in the autumn that one example was that if 3000 people read that article and decided to do £50 of there gift shopping with Evolution this year, that would be £150,000 of extra income for the business which translates into sustainability for this great right livelihood business and more donations for Buddhist Projects and Social Projects around the world.

Speaking to my wife who has actually bought several other gifts from Evolution through out the year, we can probably say that we have spent about £100 this year with Evolution.

We are probably not your average Evolution shopper, but we wanted to throw that fixed view out the window and plunge in anyway. We have to say we found it very easy to find a lovely broad range of gifts for many of our friends and family.

So with 3 weeks left before Christmas, you too can make this choice to contribute and support a great buddhist team based right livelihood business.

I already know that many of you have already made big efforts to support us in the past and during this latest campaign - so a big Thank You!, but if you haven’t its not too late to start right now.

With love

James Healy Dufosse-Belton
Communications Manager
Evolution Stores
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