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Advanced Pali reading course

On Fri, 21 June, 2019 - 12:56
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Dhivan Thomas Jones

(Posted on behalf of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies:)

This summer, Prof. Gombrich will run another Advanced Pali reading course in Oxford in August. The dates for this course are as follows: arrive Wednesday evening, 14th August, depart Friday morning 23rd August. There will be no class on Sunday 18th August. This course will be unlike the introductory course.  It will mainly consist of reading texts together in class.  This year that will include poetry and commentaries; some texts will be distributed in advance.

As in previous years, students on the course will be housed in Clive Booth Student Village, which is owned by Oxford Brookes University.  Accommodation costs for the entire course amount to £270.  The accommodation block is about 10 mins walk from the lecture room that we shall be using.  (Due to development works this year, the stay will be in upgraded ensuite accommodation.  Since the costs are substantially higher than normal, the OCBS has decided to subsidise this increase to maintain affordability for as many students as possible). The cost of the course, excluding the accommodation, will be £360 (covering lecture room hire, teaching costs, and expenses). 

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