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World Vegan Day & Month

On Sat, 3 November, 2012 - 12:47's picture
The Kind Diet: Celebrate with World Vegan Day and World Vegan Month

A celebration of vegan ethics and food.

Why might this be relevant for Buddhists? - this inspirational short video explains why… but also,

· Veganism is kind to animals, the environment, human health and the world’s poor.
· This annual event enables people to dip their toes into the waters of veganism in a safe, non-judgmental and celebratory manner
· It fits in with Buddhist ethics and practice

WVD is 1 November and WVM the whole of November. However, WVD can be rescheduled to suite existing centre calendars eg 31 October, 2 Nov.

The event is celebrated across the world and it’s getting bigger. Last year in the UK saw vegan Labour MP Kerry McCarthy launch the first ever WVD in the House of Commons! She organised vegan food in the canteens, gave a talk in the Commons – and got Ms Cupcake (vegan bakers and suppliers to the London Olympics) to provide amazing vegan cakes.

Lots of ideas, inspiration and free resources here
· - includes the 30 day Vegan Challenge; free resources; ideas for activities
· - lots of ideas about what you can
· do on your own
· do as a group
· and more!
· More ideas.
· an all-vegan recipe site with good search facility, regular blog, seasonal food recipes, articles, nutritional info – and email/phone support from host group Viva!’s food person
· Buddhist vegetarian site with lots of articles, ideas.

Ideas for centres, communities and/or small groups or individuals
· Take the vegan pledge/challenge for a day/week/month – see the GoVegan link
· Bring a vegan dish to share at your Centre or host a bring your own evening at home Cookery demos
· Danceitation evening with (light!) vegan supper
· Inspiring films (see Vegan Society ‘World Vegan Month’ film link)
· Talks and discussions
· Workshops
· Make a big display of quotes, leaflets and other materials
· Invite a guest speaker or experienced vegan Sangha member to talk
· Display nutritional materials to myth-bust and reassure
· Host a debate – is it better to be a meat-eating Buddhist or a non-Buddhist vegan – or other titles
· Use Facebook or Twitter to inspire contacts about WVD – perhaps use one of the sites above?
· Write a follow-up article on any activities you do for

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