Vegan Buddhist!


On Wed, 30 September, 2015 - 21:33
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On Sunday 28th September 2015, nine people gathered in a small shrine room at Gaia House to share personal stories and find out more about veganism. The participants in the event ranged from self-confessed ‘fundamentalist’ vegan to meat-eater. Drawing on points from Buddhism on a Plate, Samacitta presented veganism as a journey and suggested that we can be at different points on that same journey. After the talking, the group defected to the kitchen where Jane demonstrated cooking scrambled tofu with mushrooms and tomatoes. This was easily polished off for lunch, along with a broccoli quiche, chocolate brownies and totally innocent fruit cake - all 100% vegan of course. We were grateful to Gaia House for providing facilities and allowing us to explore our vegan journeys in such a beautiful and relaxing environment.

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This is, of course, such an great idea!!

KR toe