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Vajra Bell - Autumn 2016

On Fri, 28 October, 2016 - 20:20
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The Autumn 2016 issue of the Vajra Bell newsletter has been released! You can download a PDF here or view it online by clicking this link.

In this issue of the Vajra Bell:

  • The Path of Practice: A Comprehensive Approach to Spiritual Development
  • Arts at Aryaloka – The Stitchfold Path
  • Arts Study Group – Zen and Creativity
  • “Some Divinity Shaping Our Ends”, by Dh. Maitreyabandhu
  • “The Dance of Dharma” by Dh. Lilasiddhi
  • Aryaloka Stupa in Need of Support
  • Sangha notes from Aryaloka, Portsmouth, Nagaloka, Concord, Berlin, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Montana
  • Poetry Corner
  • Board and Council notes
  • Sangha Connections

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