Vajra Bell

Vajra Bell - Autumn 2014

On Tue, 7 October, 2014 - 00:52
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In this issue of the Vajra Bell Newsletter:

Cultivating Right Livelihood: Vajra Bell asks sangha members to weigh in on how they practice skillful work

“Working for Indian Buddhism” – by Viradhamma

“How Music Can Inform Buddhist Spirituality” – by Sravaniya

Upcoming Retreats and Classes at Aryaloka

Introducing Vajra Bell’s New Co-Editors – Mary Schaefer & David Watt

Updates from the new Spiritual Vitality Council and Board of Directors

Sangha Notes from Aryaloka, Nagaloka and Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Poetry Corner: Reflections from Jo Ann Beltre

Welcoming the Northeast’s Newest Order Member - by Vihanasari

Online Insight: Dharma Seed - by Satyada

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