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New Issue about to be published

On Mon, 10 April, 2017 - 12:34
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Urthona issue 33 – THE FRIENDSHIP ISSUE – will be in bookshops next month. Subscribe now to be sure of your copy.

Highlights include:

The Grey is Silver untransformed…. Haunting art photograph by new rising star, Brighton based Buddhist photographer Sahajatara.

Why is it not wonderful? Maitreyabandhu on his poetic mentorship with poet Mimi Khalvati.

New poetry from Subhadassi, Manjusura, Ian Marriott, Pam Cooper, John Danvers, Cath Drake, Lynn Hoffman and many others

Ed Piercy on friendships between children on screen. He also touches on the touchy area of male friendship in the Wild West!

Being and Form: in depth interview with talented Buddhist artist, Amitajyoti, who is half way through a major commission of a diptych for the Birmingham Buddhist Centre.

A friendship forged in Hell: Ratnagarbha on the friendship between Dante and the poet Virgil.

Zen and the poet’s Mind: Writer Fleda Brown and Zen priest Sokuzan in conversation about creativity. 

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