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Seeking an Independent Financial Advisor

On Wed, 12 September, 2012 - 12:45
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Satyadasa, a qualified solicitor, recently ordained and the creator of Greengate Wills, a recently-launched will-writing service for the Sangha, is looking to expand. He writes -

“As you may know I have been writing wills for six months now. Business is going well. I am learning about the kinds of products which will writers can offer to clients. However, most will writers “buddy up” with an IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) at some point and I would like to do this. As a will writer you hear about someone’s affairs in detail and it may be clear that they need financial advice on a whole range of topics. The one that comes up most for me is life insurance. I can’t advise anyone on this obviously. So, I am seeking an IFA (a firm or an individual) to form a connection with.

Ideally I want to find someone within the Sangha, however I can work with anyone providing I am happy they are offering a good service. I am writing Wills for people all over the country due to my connections with the Sangha, but the majority have been in London.

If anyone wants to contact me then please ask them to email or call me at:

greengatewills [at]
07905 99 10 98
020 3222 6073

Many thanks.

Satyadasa (David Waterston)
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