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Message in a Binary Bottle

On Thu, 17 January, 2013 - 19:34
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Centre Team
Message in a Binary Bottle is an awesome wee piece by Cabel Sasser on finding hidden coder messages in old video games. It’s my *subtly coded* way of a) saying Happy New Year to all members of the Coding Kula after my much needed two month break, b) getting to post this amazing picture (which is an image for how doing this project feels at times!), and c) renewing our request for help with specialist areas on the site in 2013, especially, but not limited to:

- Search (Solr - here and on Free Buddhist Audio)

- Merchanting for the site (including sell-through & invoicing/fulfilment for external companies, eg. Windhorse Publications)

- Messaging (IM & internal mail)

- Help working with external APIs and perhaps developing something simple of our own to allow external services (eg. Insight Meditation Timer) to be integrated into user journals

So if you’re up for helping out, we’d super appreciate it - we might even figure out a way to get you an easter egg… ;) Write to candradasa [at] (subject: Message%20in%20a%20bottle) (me) or samudradaka [at] (subject: Message%20in%20a%20bottle) (Samudradaka) to open up the code! And thanks!
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Happy New Year back at ya! I enjoyed the picture & article. I am happy to do research to provide options or clues for ways to approach the above. After I clone myself, retire, or develop lucid dreaming developer skills I might be able to do more. :)