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International Women's Day 2021: Vandika

On Thu, 11 March, 2021 - 10:51
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Hi, my name’s Vandika and I was ordained in 2006 in Dunkeld, Scotland, with many other women from around the world.  I live in Somerset, south west UK and, after many years living alone or in communities, now live with my partner. We both have “Long Covid” after catching the virus a year ago, so we’re supporting each other with that. I work part-time for the Triratna International Order Office, support and care for my elderly mum and try to fit in some art-making when I can too…

Since the global pandemic began, my life has changed enormously (see above!). Catching the virus so early on caused the first few months to be a blur of illness and fatigue, which meant my awareness of the pandemic’s impact on the wider world didn’t arise until much later. And whilst my health is slowly improving, the virus is still affecting my life, in terms of both energy and capacity. One positive aspect is how much my Dharma life has changed as a result. Being so ill caused a real shift in priorities - a going forth - that motivated me to join the Order Office team and to bring the Dharma more consciously into my painting practice.  

The challenges of the past year have been around letting go of being able to work as I did in the past and accept my limitations without pushing against them. It’s very hard not to help when you really want to! Finding restorative ways to stop and relax can be hard too, even after 25 years of Dharma practice! But I’ve also learned so much about patience, forbearance and simplicity, as well as how strength and shraddha can manifest at the most difficult of times. These are the gifts of the past year for me…

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