Bodh Gaya, India

Introduction to Buddhism

On Sat, 6 August, 2016 - 07:38
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From Tuesday 13th September we will start a new series of sessions to introduce newcomers to what Buddhism is all about.

Week 1 – What is Buddhism? A discussion of what makes Buddhism unique, introducing the Buddha. We will begin the meditation practice of Mindfulness of breathing.

Week 2 – Why meditate? Some key features of the practice of meditation and benefits of a regular practice. We will continue the Mindfulness of breathing.

Week 3 – Living as a Buddhist – an investigation of the ways in which we can put Buddhism in to effect in our daily lives. We will also practice a Puja or ceremony  and we will introduce the meditation practice of Loving Kindness.

Week 4. – Numbers – an introduction to some of the key teachings of the Buddha. as well as continuing the Loving Kindness meditation.

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