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Farewell thank you collection for Munisha and Amaladipa

On Wed, 17 May, 2023 - 09:13
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ECA Safeguarding

Following yesterday’s post about Munisha and Amaladipa moving on from Safeguarding work in Triratna, here is a message from those raising money to thank them both, and to enable Munisha to have a rest before seeking further employment.

“Back in 2016, Munisha saw the need for Triratna Centres to comply with legislation around the protection from harm of children and adults. Ably helped by Amaladipa (bringing considerable expertise from a career in the probation service) they pioneered the support for Centres to know their legal duties and advise on dealing with problems as they arose.

It was far from easy work, as they navigated responses ranging from concern about how safeguarding lived alongside Triratna culture, to distrust, even some hostility. But many have appreciated their efforts in establishing clear, practical (and law-abiding!) policies and procedures.

A few words from Aryajaya: “I’ve enjoyed seeing your friendship grow through the work you have done together for the Movement and Order.  I’m so glad you had the support of each other as you pioneered a new area of work that has been extremely contentious and difficult for the Order to understand.  It hasn’t been easy but you haven’t given up on the principles that you feel are important to uphold.  You both have great senses of humour and I’m sure that has seen you through some of the difficulties but has also lightened the load for me at times.  A huge, huge thanks for all you have given to help centres in particular come up to SG standards and model best practice in that area.  Sadhu!”

And from Ratnadharini: “Munisha, supported by Amaladipa, has been doing a tough job over the past few years. She saw the necessity of introducing safeguarding policies and practices into Triratna, and took on responsibility for overseeing the process on behalf of the ECA. Her dedication means our Centres now have effective safeguarding in place. However introducing something new has not been without challenge, and both Munisha and Amaladipa need to be able to take a break; I very much hope we can make this possible.”

And from Subhadassi: “I have met regularly - often weekly - with Munisha and Amaladipa for well over two years in my role as Order ethics convenor. Their commitment to safeguarding work - and to the Triratna Order - has always been apparent to me over this time. I salute them for all the important work they’ve done over the years. I also want to recognise how hard it has been for them at times. Their work has at times been thankless, which means I am especially grateful to have the opportunity to appreciate them publicly, and to invite you to do so by giving dana to them in recognition of their hard work. I am sure that they will spend it wisely!”

We would like to express our appreciation for all the work they have done by helping them into the next stage of their life - give as much as you’d like.

with many thanks, 

Bodhilila, Prasadacarin, Satyajyoti, Silabodhi, Silanatha
The executive (trustees) of Triratna’s European Chairs Assembly (ECA)