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Buddhist 'Healthy Boundaries' training

On Wed, 12 April, 2023 - 13:46
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Here comes information about the next three Buddhist Healthy Boundaries courses for committed Buddhists who teach, lead, mentor or befriend those less experienced than themselves. In Triratna terms these are most likely to be Order members.

Though not related specifically to Safeguarding (a very UK approach) they aim to raise our awareness - as committed Buddhists whom others may tend to look up to - in ways which will help us avoid the kinds of situations which may from time to time give rise to Safeguarding concerns and allegations.

Led by experienced Buddhist teachers from several traditions, these courses are offered online.

They’re open to teachers and leaders in all Buddhist traditions and a number of Order members in Europe and North America have already taken part.

A fee is payable, and bursaries are available.

2023 Dates: May 2-June 2; September 5 - October 6; and October 10 - November 17

For all details, and/or to express interest, please see this survey.

The organisers write:

Dear all,

As Buddhism continues to flourish in the West, it faces an array of vital questions and opportunities – including diversity, ecodharma, digital and virtual practice – but its future may well depend on one area of critical importance: the training of teachers and sangha leaders on boundary issues and power dynamics, the potential for misconduct, and grievance processes. An understanding of these issues is essential to preventing the harm done when trust is broken in teacher-student relationships.

Addressing this, Healthy Boundaries for Buddhist Leaders is a five-week online program, with four live Zoom meetings, grounded in fundamental teachings of wisdom and compassion, providing teachers and leaders with the tools and knowledge to understand the importance of healthy boundaries and the complexities of power and vulnerability in teacher-student relations.

Participation: The course is open to dharma teachers from all Buddhist traditions, whether formally authorized or teaching independently, as well as teachers-in-training, those in positions of authority or leadership in their communities (meditation instructors, sangha members who share practice advice, give talks or teachings, or lead courses and programs), members of administrative boards of directors, and chaplains or others working in prisons, hospitals, schools and other institutions.

2023 Dates: May 2-June 2; September 5 - October 6; and October 10 - November 17

To express interest in the course, please fill out this survey, and contact info [at] with any questions.

Instructors: The course teachers are leaders in their Buddhist communities in the United States and Europe and have extensive experience teaching on boundaries and right relationship to power: Roshi Jan Chozen Bays; Roshi Joan Hogetsu Hoeberichts; Roshi Amy Tu-es-cela Hollowell; Roshi Karin Ryuku Kempe; Sensei Michel Plein-ciel Oltheten; Sensei Patrick Bansho Green, Sensei Tony Shinro Doubleday, and Dharma Holder Jitsujo T. Gauthier.

With gratitude,
Alexa Plum River Klein-Mayer

Program Manager
Buddhist Healthy Boundaries LLC

For details, and/or to express interest, please see this survey.

Questions welcome by email to info [at]

These courses were previously run by the US charity Faith Trust Institute.