Buddhist texts in Spanish

On Sat, 27 July, 2013 - 09:36
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This page links to a selection of Spanish translations of the most important Triratna Buddhist texts.

La Dedicación | The Dedication Ceremony
Puya de las siete etapas | The Sevenfold Puja
Puya de las tres etapas | The Threefold Puja
The Ti Ratana Vandana
¿Qué es el budismo? | What is Buddhism
La Comunidad Budista Triratna | Introducing the Triratna Buddhist Community
La Comunidad Budista Triratna | An overview of the Triratna Buddhist Community prepared by the Cuernavaca Buddhist Centre

We also have many Spanish-langauge Buddhist websites:

charlas en castellano | Free Buddhist Audio
Centro Budista de Valencia:
budismo barcelona:
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Gracias. =)

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Where would I find the Refuges and Precepts in Spanish? Gracias