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Arts Centres

London Buddhist Arts Centre
Urthona Arts Magazine
Wolf At The Door


Birmingham Buddhist Centre
Blackburn Triratna Buddhist Centre
Brighton Buddhist Centre
Bristol Buddhist Centre
Brixton Buddhist Centre
Cambridge Buddhist Centre
Cardiff Buddhist Centre
Colchester Buddhist Centre
Croydon Buddhist Centre
Edinburgh Buddhist Centre
Glasgow Buddhist Centre
Inverness Triratna Buddhist Centre
Ipswich Buddhist Centre
Leeds Buddhist Centre
Liverpool Buddhist Centre
London Buddhist Centre (LBC)
Manchester Buddhist Centre
Mid Essex Buddhist Centre
Newcastle Buddhist Centre
North London Buddhist Centre
Norwich Buddhist Centre
Nottingham Buddhist Centre
Scotland Triratna centres and groups
Sheffield Buddhist Centre
Shrewsbury Buddhism and Meditation group
Southampton Buddhist Centre
South Bristol Buddhist Meditation
Southend Buddhist Group
Triratna Highlands
West London Buddhist Centre
Worcester Buddhist Centre


Aberdeen Buddhist Group
Axminster Buddhism and meditation group
Barry Meditation Centre
Batcombe meditation group
Bridport Triratna Group
Bury St Edmunds Triratna Group
Canterbury Buddhist Group
Eastbourne Triratna group
East Kent Buddhist Group
Exeter Triratna Group
Frome Meditation and Buddhism Group
Hastings Triratna Buddhist Group
Hertford Buddhist Sangha
Hornchurch Buddhist Group
King's Lynn Triratna Buddhists
Ledbury Buddhist Meditation
Leicester Triratna group
Letchworth Triratna Group
Milton Keynes Meditation Association
Moray Triratna Buddhist Sangha
Oxford Buddhist Group
Perth Buddhist Group
Peterborough Triratna Group
Redhill Buddhist Meditation group
Shetland Buddhist Group
Stirling Buddhist Group
Stornoway, Isle of Lewis Triratna Buddhist Group
Totnes Triratna group
Triratna Chester
Triratna East Surrey
Triratna Thames Valley and Reading
West Kent Buddhist Group
West Wales Buddhist Group
Worthing Triratna group

Health Centres

Bodywise Natural Health Centre
Breathing Space (Mindfulness for Health)
Breathworks Manchester
Evolution Arts and Natural Health Centre
Mindfulness Works

Media Resources

Clear Vision Trust
Lights in The Sky - Buddhist film-makers
Meditation for Everyone (Meditation DVD)


Greengate Wills
Young Buddhists Sangha

Retreat Centres

Buddhafield East
Buddhafield North
Dhanakosa Retreat Centre
London Buddhist Centre Open Retreats
Padmaloka Men's Retreat Centre
Rivendell Retreat Centre
Taraloka Women's Retreat Centre
Tiratanaloka retreat centre for women
Vajraloka Meditation Centre
Vajrasana (LBC retreat centre)

Right Livelihood Contexts

Buddhafield Cafe
Buddhafield Festival
Buddhist Funerals
Buddhist Images
Carers' Breaks
Earth Cafe
India Dhamma Trust
Karuna Trust
Lama's Pyjamas
Mindfulness in Action
New View Residential

The Buddhist Centre Online (The Triratna Social Network)

Birmingham Buddhist Centre on
Brighton Buddhist Centre on
Bristol Buddhist Centre on
Brixton Triratna Centre on
Buddhafield on
Buddhism in Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Lowestoft on
Buddhism in Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Lowestoft on
Bury St Edmunds Triratna Group on
Cambridge Buddhist Centre on
Canterbury Buddhist Group on
Chesterfield Buddhist Group -
Colchester Buddhist Centre on
Croydon Buddhist Centre on
Deal Buddhist Group on
Dhanakosa Retreat Centre on
East Anglian Sangha on
Glasgow Buddhist Centre on
Glastonbury Buddhist Group on
Ipswich Buddhist Centre on
Karuna Trust on
King's Lynn Triratna Buddhists on
Leeds Buddhist Centre on
Lewes Meditation on
Liverpool Buddhist Centre on
London Buddhist Centre on
Manchester Buddhist Centre on
Milton Keynes on
Newcastle Buddhist Centre on
North London Buddhist Centre on
Norwich Buddhist Centre on
Oxford Buddhist Group on
Padmaloka Retreat Centre on
Rivendell Retreat Centre on
Salop Buddhists on
Sheffield Buddhist Centre on
Taraloka Retreat Centre on
Tiratanaloka on
Triratna Highlands on
Vajraloka Meditation Retreat Centre on
Warwick -
West Kent Buddhist Group on
West London Buddhist Centre -
Windhorse:Evolution on (Archived)

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