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Generating Bodhi Mind

On Tue, 9 June, 2009 - 01:00
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This is the second talk from the 2009 UK Women's Order / Mitra Event. Vajratara guides us through the second section of Tsongkhapa's short text on "The Three Principle Aspects of the Path". The verses contain some strong and striking images for what it feels like being caught in Samsara and they come to life in Vajratara's talk. She relates how she nearly came to death herself swept away by a Indonesian river and that was just an ordinary river current, never mind the current of Samsara! At the end of the talk she suggests that of the Bodhicitta practises we might take up - the puja or the various reflections on the suffering of beings - the most useful and effective Bodhichitta practice is the practice of sangha, of spiritual community. Now there's a thought!

The other talks in this series are "Renunciation - Tasting Freedom" by Saddhanandi, and "The Path of the Buddha's Delight" by Samantabhadri.

Given at Taraloka, May 2009.
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