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Body Scan Meditation

On Thu, 2 July, 2009 - 00:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
Vidyamala introduces and leads through a body scan meditation practice.

If you're new to meditation then definitely listen to this .. Vidyamala will have you lying down, relaxing, breathing softly, feeling your way into your own body's experience. This isn't a bird's eye view of your body. It's about feeling all the physical sensations that are going on all the time in inside you. And Vidyamala doesn't mind if you happen to drop off to sleep. She just encourages you with the thought that when you know you've been asleep then that is a moment of awareness!

You need to be lying down on your back. On not too hard a surface. A low pillow under your head. You can have your legs stretched out on the floor. Or you can have your knees bent up.

From the "One Moment at a Time" retreat at Taraloka.
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