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A big thank you for the Buddha Blitz

On Mon, 22 December, 2014 - 21:54
Bodhidasa's picture
The Sydney Buddhist Centre Management Committee and the Buddha Blitz team would like to thank all those who supported the Buddha Blitz.

People gave to the Blitz in many different ways. We raised a magnificent $33,467.80 - and we gained much more!

So we’re expressing our appreciation to the Sangha, not only for any monetary contribution people may have made, but also for the time, energy, skills, expertise, suggestions and goodwill that poured forth so readily right from its inception - not to mention the fantastic hard labour during the Blitz week itself! The fruit of all that other-regarding effort is there for all to see with the amazing changes that have taken place.

Above all, we would like to thank the Sangha for the enormous generosity of spirit and commitment that flowed throughout the Blitz, as people worked together for something greater than themselves - a more beautiful centre for the benefit of others.

May all blessings be yours!

From the Management Committee & the Buddha Blitz team

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