Mahamati and Amalavajra launch the Sangharakshita@90 appeal

On Tue, 30 June, 2015 - 09:53
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Mahamati is Chair of Triratna Uddiyana, which looks after Sangharakshita’s needs. Bhante’s 90th birthday wish is the publications of his complete written words for the benefit of the world and future generations. You can make his wish a reality by Collecting, Contributing and Celebrating:

1 Collect
Raise as much as you can in pledges from members of Triratna groups such as mitra study, class teams, chapters, Going for Refuge groups and centres. Give them the Just Giving link, and tell me your collective pledge at Amalavajra [at]

2 Contribute 
Give at, and leave a personal message which we will copy into Bhante’s birthday card.

3 Celebrate
- Express your appreciation of Bhante’s life and work on his Facebook page.
- Put up this poster in your local centre (in English, Spanish or German).
- Share this video with your Facebook friends.
- Perform a special puja on 26th August.

+Follow Sangharakshita90 on The Buddhist Centre Online to get the latest on how the collection is going.

Let’s make this landmark birthday a very happy one indeed for Bhante!

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