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Voices from the Buddhist world 5: Venerable Dhammaratna

On Thu, 8 November, 2018 - 10:05
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Another in our series of responses to Bhante’s death, from Venerable Dhammaratana at the Buddhist Library in Singapore.

“We at the Buddhist Library are very sad to hear the news of Sangharakshita’s passing away as it is a great loss to Buddhist world. The late Sangharakshita was a very great leader who had shown the special path to Buddhists and he made Buddhist literature richer with his prolific writings and his Survey of Buddhism and The Three Jewels…
There will be a special memorial service to honour the late Sangharakshita for his great work for the Buddhist world this Saturday at the Buddhist Library in Singapore.”
With metta,
Ven B Dhammaratana
Religious Advisor
Buddhist Library

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Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!!!