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Voices from the Buddhist world 4 - Kurt Krammer of the Salzburg Buddhist Association, Austria

On Wed, 7 November, 2018 - 21:33
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Continuing our series messages of condolence from Buddhists beyond Triratna, here is a message from Zen teacher Kurt Krammer of the Salzburg Buddhist Association, Austria (Buddhistische Gemeinschaft Salzburg), who convened the meeting of Buddhist Teachers in Europe at Adhisthana in October and was invited to Bhante’s funeral.

“Dear Munisha,

Thank you for the invitation! I will not be able to attend as we have arranged a contemplation morning on that day. We shall, however, seize the opportunity to commemorate a great person, an outstanding pioneer, in the course of our meeting… I enjoyed meeting Bhante just a month ago in the enchanting framework of Adhisthana; and so I will be present in good memories, in prayers, in grief and gratitude.

All my best wishes to all the friends there!”

Following the BTE meeting he had written to Bhante:

“Dear Bhante,

We were thoroughly pleased to be the guests of Adhisthana for our meeting of Buddhist Teachers in Europe this year. We were more than pleased and honoured to have you, dear Bhante, as a careful listener, observer and valuable commentator at our morning sessions.

As you obviously showed great interest in the topic of our meeting, ‘Buddhists in Dialogue with Contemporary European Societies’, which was a reference to an academic conference at the University of Hamburg in June this year, I take the liberty to send you the link to the recordings of the presentations and panels of that conference:

As the convenor of the conference at Adhisthana I also wish to express sincere gratitude for the inspiration that members of the Triratna community have contributed to our meetings over the years and above all for the pioneering unprecedented step to establish an organisation to avail the Dharma in a suitable way to ‘Westerners’, an approach that is gradually being seen as necessary and essential in the course of the early 21st century.

With a deep bow and most respectfully,
Kurt Gakuro Krammer

PS: Should there ever be an initiative by a mitra or order member of Triratna to establish a group or centre in the city of Salzburg I should be happy to give my full support to that person.

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