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Video of Bhante's Images

On Tue, 30 October, 2018 - 18:07
sanghadhara's picture

Dear sangha,

Here is a video of Bhante’s images that we’ve put together at clear vision as an offering for this time.

You may want to project it at your centre or group, or just watch it at home while chanting some mantras, doing puja or however you’ll mark our teachers death.

Metta to you all, it is hard to know what to say. 

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Ruciramati's picture

Thanks dear Sanghadhara, love to all.

manigarbha's picture

Thanks clear vision team.. Images can say more than words. So nice to see this stream of pictures and think of all he has been able to achive!

DhBuddhapalita's picture

thank you so much Sanghadhara. It was good to see all the various times of Bhante’s lives and his smiles. I liked the way you finished the video. I much appreciated this as it was a way for me to meditate on him and send metta.

i hope we get to meet some day.


dharmamayi's picture

Thank you dear Sanghadhara. I am separated in distance from the sangha this week, but taking in these images help me to take in what has happened and to start my own grieving process. Mainly I feel so much awe and gratitude. How much we all owe him. Much love xxx

Khasanti's picture

Thank you so much for this. We had it playing on the Seattle Buddhist Center shrine tonight as we gathered to mark Bhante’s passing. It really added another dimension, so thank you for putting it together and sharing it here.

Jnanacandra's picture

Sanghadhara, this is so beautiful! But how can I download it to show it offline?!

Tamonuda's picture

Hi Sanghadara how can I download to use at the Buddhist Centre can it be sent to me direct or can I obtain it some other way? Thankyou X tamonuda