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Tribute to Bhante

On Tue, 6 November, 2018 - 16:26
sanghadhara's picture

This is a four and a half video of Bhante’s images with audio extracts from interviews that my colleage Amaradaya made. 

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Vidyamala's picture

This is completely beautiful. Thanks so much Amaradaya and also Mokshapriya who I know filmed a lot of the archival footage. 

khemajoti's picture

Yes, this is really lovely - thank you!

Dharmabandhu's picture

Thank you,

it’s so good to see all these clips and videos of Bhante again 

Parina's picture

Thank you very much Sanghadara and Amaradaya! It is a lovely video with beautiful aspects of Bhante’s vision explained by himself.  love Parina

jayarava's picture

Lovely, thanks. But who ever uploaded this spelled Sangharakshita’s name incorrectly on the Vimeo title!