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Questions arising following your passing

On Thu, 1 November, 2018 - 06:42
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Should I mourn your absence?
What form could contain
that unrivalled presence?

Should I weep for you?
What tears offer release
to one already freed?

Should I run to your side?
What frantic display
reveres your stillness?

Should I recall you?
What image gives shape
to your shabby elegance?

Should I speak of you?
What eulogy does justice
to your eloquence?

Should I bequeath garlands?
What wilted flowers
could embody such wisdom?

Should I hold to your words?
Why cling to the shape,
when their spirit rises through deeds

Should I forget your faults?
What wise person rejects
the power of forgiveness?

Should I cease the journey?
What hero turns back,
when the sage disappears?

Should I fall to despair?
What darkness could consume
 the brilliance of your gifts?

Should I search for a leader?
What craftsman decries
their tools for another’s?

I shall not speak, or imagine,
or cry or cling.
No flowers will be sent, or berths arranged.
No grief, or fault
or grasping search,
shall halt my course.

That was your way, Sangharakshita.
Nothing would halt your course.
Now it’s ours alone,
to walk.

Dh Bodhidasa (1/11/2018)

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Dharmabandhu's picture

 Thank you Bodhidasa for sharing your poem and eulogy, with words of understanding and insight  and the passing of a great man, our spiritual friend and teacher 

Dharmabandhu's picture

Dear Bodhidasa,  I wonder if you would be happy with me sharing your words and poem? Thanks  Dharmabandhu

Bodhidasa's picture

I would be most happy for this to be shared, Dharmabandu.

Dharmabandhu's picture

Thanx Bodhidasa

vidyadasi's picture

Ah, this expresses so much if what I am feeling right now. Thank you Bodhidasa. Can I share it with my sangha too? love Vidyadasi

Bodhidasa's picture

Of course you may.

Ujumani's picture

Thank you very much indeed, Bodhidasa - I do feel much resonance with your poem.

And as you allowed it to be read, I translated it into French and read it before one of our pujas during the sangha retreat we had over the last 4 days.

Merci, Ujumani

Bodhidasa's picture

I am very touched that you have done this. 

Nityabandhu's picture

yes. something like this…