Sangharakshita Memorial Space

Lion's Roar marks Sangharakshita's passing

On Tue, 6 November, 2018 - 17:39
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North American Dharma magazine Lion’s Roar has covered the news of Bhante’s death in this article.

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Thank you so much Munisha for adding the voices from the buddhist world to Bhante’s memorial space. I have very much appreciated reading them.

Sucimani xxx

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Oh good! Thanks for telling me. We are all very hard at work here at Adhisthana, keeping information flowing and preparing for the funeral. It’s lovely to know people are benefiting.

jayarava's picture

Definitely appreciated Munisha. Thanks. 

khemajoti's picture

Yes, much appreciating you sharing these responses…thank you!

satyapada's picture

Thank you for posting responses from other movements Munisha. Much gratitude for what you and all the rest of the team working in digital space do to keep us connected with one another.


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Thank you, from us all here in the office! Love, Candradasa, Munisha, Upekshapriya and Sanghadhara (and Nandavaja and Aparajita, who are working on rotas for sitting with Bhante’s body, etc)

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Hi there dear ones,

I’m also very pleased to read and see all that is posted. Many thanks for all your work. I imagine a harmonious and joyful camaraderie amongst you all and everyone else at Adhisthana, as well of course. 

Love from Sweden