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Gratitude to Bhante

On Tue, 30 October, 2018 - 19:49
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Our spiritual teacher, Urgyen Sangharakshita has died. I don´t feel sad (at least not now), just immensely grateful for the courageous, intelligent, and generous life he lived. I had the fortune to meet with him just a couple of months ago along with a group of Mexican friends and he was so welcoming, relaxed, and friendly to us. His teachings have created the context for the whole of my life and I will proudly continue to practise and share them to the best of my ability. I send my love to everyone who is grieving right now and share with you that I feel blessed to have lived at a time when I could receive bhante´s teachings.

I share this photo which is a favourite of mine. It is said that it was taken in 1968 on the day of the first ordinations into our Order. Love to all.

We will be remembering Bhante in the coming days here at the Cuernavaca Buddhist Centre and will be honouring his teaching legacy through our commitment to practice.

Thank you so much bhante for everything that you have given to us.

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Nagarakshita's picture

What a lovely photo, thank you for sharing it Nagapriya.   Could you make it available to download and print out please?

with Metta,in sadness and gratitude to Bhante