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In gratitude

On Fri, 9 November, 2018 - 23:35
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In deep gratitude to my teacher who has given me so much, my favourite of his poems.


Field-freshening rain,
White night-rain lingering on in drizzles till the dawn,
Pools of bright silver making, birthing streams
In dry clay river-beds, pour down, O rain,
All day, all night, pour down pour down, O rain,
Pour down…

World-welfaring Compassion,
Void-born Compassion diamond-hard and petal-tender,
Peace to wild heartwaves bringing, birthing love
On the low couch of self, pour down, Compassion,
All day, all night, pour down pour down, Compassion,
Pour down –
Pour down like rain on this compassionless
Lost world…

Pour down, pour down, pour down…  

From Sangharakshita’s Complete Poems

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