The Urban Retreat 2011

Online Dana Bowl

On Sat, 15 October, 2011 - 17:36
lokabandhu's picture

We’ve created an online ‘dana’ bowl for contributions to help support Candradasa’s team at Dharmachakra, who will be hard at work continuing to develop this exciting new space for the whole Triratna Buddhist Community. Thanks to their generous efforts, we were very happy to be able to offer the retreat for free to all who wanted to take part. If you would like to support the work they’ll be doing for us it will help them get the next stages ready, and help us plan the next Urban Retreat and other online courses. 

‘Dana’ (generosity) is an important Buddhist practice - and though money certainly isn’t the only way to give, it really helps in making websites like this one, which are expensive to maintain and develop. We’ll gratefully receive anything you wish to give!


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