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Ordinations at Guhyaloka 02/05/2016

On Tue, 3 May, 2016 - 10:19
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The following 20 men were publicly ordained at Guhyaloka yesterday -

Public Preceptor Purna:

Donald Woolford becomes Acalamuni 
Sanskrit name meaning: “Sage Who Is Unwavering” (Westernised spelling Achalamuni)
Private Preceptor: Ratnavyuha

Public Preceptor Moksananda:

Armando Velasco becomes Medhāvin
Sanskrit name meaning: “The Man Of Wisdom” (Westernised spelling Medhavin)
Private Preceptor: Samamati

Ivan Trujillo becomes Saṅghadhara
Sanskrit name meaning: “Supporter/Upholder Of The Sangha” (Westernised spelling Sanghadhara)
Private Preceptor: Keturaja

Public Preceptor Satyaraja:

Chris Porter becomes Dharmanātha 
Sanskrit name meaning: “Protector Of The Dharma” (Westernised spelling Dharmanatha)
Private Preceptor: Arthapriya

Brian Lilly becomes Arthadāsa
Sanskrit name meaning: “He Who Serves The Goal” (Westernised spelling Arthadasa)
Private Preceptor: Arthapriya

Dom Goodridge becomes Maitrīdhāra
Sanskrit name meaning: “He Who Upholds Friendship” (Westernised spelling Maitridhara)
Private Preceptor: Arthapriya

Meynard Vasen becomes Sīlavādin
Pali name meaning: “Teacher of Sila” (Westernised spelling Silavadin)
Private Preceptor: Ksantivadin

Public Preceptor Arthapriya:

Darren Barrenger becomes Sthiranāga
Sanskrit name meaning: “The Most Faithful And True” (Westernised spelling Sthiranaga)
Private Preceptor: Bodhivamsa

Wayne Bedford becomes Dānarāja
Sanskrit name meaning: “The King Of Giving” (Westernised spelling Danaraja)
Private Preceptor: Ratnaghosha

Fredrik Busk becomes Prasādacārin
Sanskrit name meaning: “He Who Proceeds With Joy” (Westernised spelling Prasadacharin)
Private Preceptor: Satyaraja

John Cook becomes Ariyanivāta
Pali name meaning: “He Who Is Of Noble Humility” (Westernised spelling Ariyanivata)
Private Preceptor: Bodhivamsa

Jeremy Freeman becomes Padmamanas
Sanskrit name meaning: “Lotus Like Intelligence” (Westernised spelling Padmamanas)
Private Preceptor: Padmavajra

James Hedge becomes Karuṇadarśin
Sanskrit name meaning: “He Who Sees And Understands With Compassion” (Westernised spelling Karunadarshin)
Private Preceptor: Nandavajra  

Glenn Kitsune becomes Vīryanāga
Sanskrit name meaning: “Serpent Of Energy” (Westernised spelling Viryanaga)
Private Preceptor: Paramabandhu

Joe Krohn becomes Sāgarasīla
Sanskrit name meaning: “Ocean Of Virtue” (Westernised spelling Sagarasila)
Private Preceptor: Paramabandhu

Matt McCarthy becomes Padmasāgara
Sanskrit name meaning: “Ocean Of Lotuses” (Westernised spelling Padmasagara)
Private Preceptor: Padmavajra

Michael Nielsen becomes Padmajaya
Sanskrit name meaning: “Victory Of The Lotus” (Westernised spelling Padmajaya)
Private Preceptor: Padmavajra

Mark Shea becomes Cittamokṣa
Sanskrit name meaning: “He Whose Liberation Is Of The Mind/Heart” (Westernised spelling Chittamoksha)
Private Preceptor: Tejananda 

Adam Showman becomes Dayānātha
Sanskrit name meaning: “He Who Is A Lord Of Kindness” (Westernised spelling Dayanatha)
Private Preceptor: Paramabandhu

Nikolai Tutaev becomes Tārāpālita
Sanskrit name meaning: “He Who Is Protected By Tara” (Westernised spelling Tarapalita)
Private Preceptor: Satyaraja

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