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Introducing the Preceptors' College 2015 Spring Meeting

On Thu, 12 March, 2015 - 12:26
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Parami and Vidyatara are back together again to report on the first of this year’s two College meetings at Adhisthana. This spring meeting has a strong theme of transition running through it..

After 10 years as Chair, Dhammarati is standing down and Saddhaloka is taking up the position. Padmasuri, who has been working alongside Dhammarati as a Deputy for the last decade is also finishing up. Manjuvajra is retiring from active duty as a Public Preceptor and Punyamala is attending her first meeting.

Over the next 7 days you can follow us here at the Buddhist Centre online as Parami and Vidyatara sit on sofa with members of the College and talk about the day’s highlights.

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Thanks for this update. Lovely to hear from both of you.

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Lovely to hear from you both :)
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Thanks so much for this and thanks for all of your efforts.

Huge thanks to those stepping down - Dharmarati, Manjuvajra and any I’ve overlooked ….

Thanks for taking care of our precious community

May your days together be very fruitful and enjoyabel

Big hello to you Parami, Vidyatara, Megha and Buddhadasa but much metta to all